Sculptor Kim Simonsson’s private Small Monuments exhibition at the KWUM Ceramics Museum 15.5. – 30.9.2021 exhibits seven ceramic sculptures. Each sculpture represents a character influence by different periods in time. Some of the figures are 18th century princes, shaped with an ironic touch, combining elements of pop art with the world of Nordic fairytales: Piipunpolttaja (The Pipe Smoker) is formed of florets of the cauliflower and Kultakutri (Goldilocks) has been frozen by golden rain.

Simonsson has studied different ways of how to implement surface coatings on ceramics. In addition to the mossy green nylon surface, the exhibition consists of glazed and painted works, which at first glance resemble bronze instead of ceramic, such as the copper oxide glazed Astronaut or the patina painted Stereo girl.

Although the works of the Small Monuments exhibition differ visually from each other, Simonsson emphasises the importance of how they are inter-woven into each other. Is there a difference in people’s inner selves, even though they live in different time periods – when the sword is replaced by electronics.