The clothing designed by Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi (b. 1930) is well known in Finland and around the world. Marimekko! Stripes! Full skirts!

Less well known is Vuokko’s interest in ceramics. Her initial interest started at the age of 15 when she worked at the Arabia’s factory as a summer intern, cutting out paper patterns for coffee cup decorations. Two years later in 1947, Vuokko began her studies in the ceramics. She also trained at Helsingin Leikkuuopisto. During her final year of study, Vuokko found her own style in ceramics. She graduatied in the spring of 1952.

After graduating, Vuokko worked for a short time in Arabia before starting her own ceramics workshop in Laajasalo. She rented a cold studio with workshop space and a wood fired ceramic stove. Vuokko threw and built clay objects by hand and experimented with different types of clay and glazes. However, the work in the studio was short lived. Vuokko received a surprising invitation from Marimekko in 1953.