KIRSTI DOUKAS (1964–) originally studied at the Lahti Institute of Design from where she graduated in 1989 as a goldsmith and with the degree of Bachelor of Culture and Arts. She continued her studies at the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki, graduating as Master of Arts in 1994. Doukas was awarded the distinction of Goldsmith of the Year in 1999 and she received the Finnish State Design Prize in 2006 and the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2014.

She is head of design at the Kalevala Jewelry company and also works independently with her husband Kristian Saarikorpi in their joint firm at Fiskars. Doukas herself describes her work as including the design of new collections for the jewellery industry, while at the same time making or designing unique jewellery pieces that can be regarded as being in the interstices of art and design. 

She has received many distinctions and prizes for her work, which has been displayed in numerous exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. 

Kirsti Doukas lives and works at Fiskars Village and is a member of the ONOMA Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars. 


Photo: Ilkka Ärrälä