Katriina Nuutinen (b. 1983) completed her ceramics and glass art program at the Design Department of the School of Art and Design, Helsinki, in 2007. She completed an exchange student period at Konstfack in Stockholm and graduated in 2011 with a Master of Arts (Art and Design) at Aalto University. Already, the year earlier, she had founded Studio Katriina Nuutinen in Joensuu. Nuutinen is an internationally awarded designer.

Katriina Nuutinen takes a stand on climate change and invites the viewer to consider travel, consumption and ownership issues. With her art, she wants to take the viewer to the wonders of the world to experience special experiences without traveling to exotic locations.

The exhibition’s artwork combines glass and wood into sculptures, which praise nature’s diversity.

Nuutinen has designed her creations during the pandemic, which took us all by surprise. What are we afraid of losing? Would it be possible for us to act differently from now on – stop over-consumption and let nature’s ecosystems heal itself?

Photo: Jyri Keronen