Johanna Rytkölä (b. 1956) graduated from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, at first from the Visual Arts Department in 1982 and then the Department of Ceramics in 1986. She has diverse experience in private and joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad. She is also a member of the Finnish Sculptors’ Association. Johanna Rytkölä lives and works in both Vantaa and Hämeenlinna.

For Rytkölä, water is a theme that she constantly returns to in her art. “Themes in the works of art in the exhibition include not only the universal concern about the state of the water resources, but also the personal childhood memories and playful imagination associated with the water.” In her sculptures, she highlights visible opposing phenomena, such as the stunning beauty of streams and, on the other hand, the man-made mess. The imaginary aquatic plants reach from the depths to the light and create hope for the better.

In her latest work at KWUM, Johanna Rytkölä has combined colorful ceramics and granite. Using the same method, she is currently working on a major residential area art project in Vantaa.

Photo: Kalevi Rytkölä