ENGLISH-BORN Deepa Panchamia (1981–) graduated as a textile artist in the United Kingdom in 2004. While participating in an artist residency at Fiskars Village in 2007, she took part in the exhibition Transparent. Her first visit to Finland inspired her to return in 2012 to Fiskars, where she still lives and works. 

Panchamia is interested in new materials that she can work on for periods up to a year. On some occasions she has exhibited a piece that she works on and enlarges throughout the duration of an exhibition. 

Deepa Panchamia’s works have been on show in many exhibitions not only in Finland but also in the UK and Korea. She has also made many works for the costumes of various dance performances and for productions of the Finnish National Opera among others.

Upon moving to Finland, Deepa Panchamia joined the ONOMA Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars.


Kuva: Jufune Gimbel