Characteristic of Camilla Moberg’s art is to learn by mistake and constantly search for something new. She began her career focusing on ceramics. After graduating with a master’s degree in art in 1992, she soon switched to glass.

To her,  glass dazzled with its colors, formability and fast processes. Working with skilled glassblowers gradually opened up her mind to the range of possibilities glass work offers. The collaboration between an artist and a glassblower is a specific world of its own, where both must understand each other, often with small gestures, because glass, when it is hot, requires quick decisions.

Important values for Moberg are beauty, high quality, durability and completed design. She wants to create timeless works which can be passed on to future generations. Indigenousness is also a significant value in her work. All of her work is  manufactured in Finland. Through her activities, she contributes to the national preservation of knowledge in glass crafts.

DoReMi and Messengers in Glass light sculptures have attracted attention in recent years both in Finland and abroad. Her large light sculptures can be found in public collections, for example at the Art Center White Block, in Finland, The Wasa Theater and Moomin Characters headquarters and as far afield as the Finland house in South Korea.

Moberg’s individual works have featured in countless domestic and international exhibitions,  also designs small series products.Camilla Moberg lives and works at Fiskars mill, where she has her own Sirius Gallery.

Marja-Leena Salo

Photo: Lasse Lecklin